Wood Caskets

High Quality Wood Caskets for Sale – Nationwide Overnight Shipping

The wooden caskets at Lowest Price Caskets are made of the finest solid wood. We do not ever use veneers on any of our caskets, so you are guaranteed to always receive the best quality product for your money. Our wood caskets are available in stunning, solid poplar, cherry, mahogany, and walnut. Each wood has a high-quality gloss finish to prevent scratching, as well as velvet linings, and brushed gold or silver hardware.

We know how expensive caskets can be and how much added stress finances can cause when you’re planning a funeral, which is already an emotionally distressing event. Your loved one deserves a beautiful final resting place—but, it shouldn’t have to put you into debt. As a family-owned, compassion-oriented business, we are dedicated to providing stunning wooden caskets to customers at a fraction of the cost you’ll find at funeral homes.

You won’t find lower prices on such high-quality wooden caskets anywhere else, and with our guaranteed overnight/next day delivery and free air shipping, you’ll receive your premium casket undamaged and uncompromised in a time-efficient manner. Ordering a wooden casket with us online saves you money and time, as you can avoid taking an extra trip to the funeral home to view an inventory of expensive caskets. Shop through our inventory, and find your perfect match today!

Wood Caskets

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