18 Gauge

18 Gauge Caskets

When purchasing a casket, it’s important to make sure it will not corrode throughout the years. The 18-gauge caskets at Lowest Price Caskets are guaranteed to withstand corrosion and damage over time. Secure your loved one in their final resting place, and choose an 18-gauge metallic casket.

Our 18-gauge caskets come in multiple colors and finishes and can also be customized. We have four 18-gauge caskets perfect for a female’s funeral, in shades of white and pink with floral accents and feminine interior lining. There are also completely customizable options for these caskets, which allow you to design a resting place that truly reflects and honors your loved one’s life and accomplishments. Whether you want to choose their favorite color or honor their athletic career, we can provide a selection of unique design options at an extremely low price.

All of our premium quality 18-gauge caskets can be purchased at an affordable price, along with guaranteed free air shipping and overnight/next day delivery. We know how stressful funerals are, so we are here to make sure the casket you purchase is delivered to the funeral home as soon as possible. Though it will always be difficult to say goodbye to your loved one, selecting an 18-gauge casket from Lowest Price Caskets will at least give you the peace of mind that they will remain safe from corrosion and other damage over time.

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