Metal Caskets

Beautifully-Crafted Metal Caskets

If you prefer a metal casket over wooden, choose from our fine selection of 18- and 20-gauge metal caskets. Lowest Price Caskets’ metal caskets come in various metallic finishes like bronze, copper, silver, rose gold, and gold, as well as unique colors like orchid, white, lilac, midnight blue, and pink. Metal caskets provide a more modern, unique look and are extremely durable against natural elements.

Metallic caskets from Lowest Price Caskets can also be customized to your loved one’s favorite color or designed to match their personality or favorite hobbies. The custom caskets start at the low cost of $800, a price you won’t be able to match anywhere else. Our affordable metallic caskets are made with high-quality crepe or velvet linings, gold, silver, and rose gold or silver finishes, and unique accents.

Purchase one of our metal caskets online and receive it overnight or the following day. We guarantee fast nationwide shipping and completely free air shipping. Best of all, when you order a metal casket from us, it will be immediately delivered to the funeral home. This way you won’t have to deal with accepting the delivery on top of everything else you’re handling. Give your loved one the burial they deserve with one of Lowest Price Caskets’ top-of-the-line metal caskets.

Metal Caskets

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