Bronze Finish

Bronze Caskets – Quality Bronze Finish

When shopping for metallic finished caskets, consider choosing bronze. Its subtle sophistication, durability, and longstanding use as both an industrial material and an artistic medium make it a practical and attractive final resting place for your loved one. Bronze is a popular choice because it is superior to most casket materials in its strength and non-rusting qualities. Our bronze caskets are available in both 18- and 20-gauge metal with an assortment of shades, hardware, accents, and linings.

Some of our bronze caskets are more personalized. The Horizon casket, for example, features rose gold hardware and delicate rosetan crepe lining, making it ideal for a female to rest in. You can also customize some of the bronze finish caskets to match the interests, personality, or hobbies of your departed loved one. We believe this is a lovely sentimental touch that might make putting someone to rest slightly less difficult.

Buy one of our high-quality bronze caskets online, and you can feel assured that you are purchasing a smart, strong, and long-lasting casket that is also extremely affordable. A bronze casket ensures that you will not have to worry about damage over time, relieving some of the grief and stress that comes with planning a funeral.

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