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12 Oct Funeral Costs & Ways to Save!

The casket is often the most expensive purchase when planning a traditional funeral.  At Lowest Price Caskets we are dedicated to saving our clients money during a very difficult time. The Federal Trade Commission is very aware of high funeral home prices and has taken steps...

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21 Aug Low Price Caskets On A Budget

If you've ever had the thought, "how expensive is a funeral," you are not alone. Millions of American's have had to ask themselves this question. Some people plan funerals in advance and pre-purchase everything necessary long before it's needed. Others must deal with it due...

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19 Aug What Type Of Casket Should I Buy?

When it comes to the type of casket to purchase, you usually have a few options. Most caskets are either wood, wood veneer or metal. So this begs the question: which one is right for me? What Is Your Preference? To be honest, this often just comes...

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22 Jun Welcome To Lowest Price Caskets

Lowest Price Caskets is a website for those who have lost loved ones and are in need of help with regards to funeral services. We are a compassionate, caring company and are ready to assist during this time of emotional stress and difficulty. We provide low cost,...

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