Shipping The Casket-Let Us Do The Work!

19 Nov Shipping The Casket-Let Us Do The Work!

When you buy a casket online one of your biggest concerns is most likely shipping.  How much does it cost to ship a casket?  Can you really ship the casket overnight?  How will the casket get to the funeral home?  At Lowest Price Caskets we have shipping down to a science!


Because time is usually a factor, most of our customers choose to ship by airplane.  We offer FREE air shipping through Delta Cargo.  Once we receive the online casket order we start immediately to locate the quickest, most direct flight to the closest major airport to your funeral home.  We book the flight and immediately inspect your casket.  Once inspection is complete we deliver the casket to the Salt Lake International Delta Cargo facility. In most cases this all happens within 12 hours or sooner after we receive your casket order.


Once the flight arrives in the destination city we are notified immediately.  We also handle the scheduling of a courier.  We shop around for the best price available.  If the funeral home is within approximately 30 miles of the airport the cost is usually $50.  If the distance is further than 30 miles the price will increase based on mileage.  The casket is then delivered directly to the funeral home of your choice.  Some of our customers prefer to pick up the casket themselves and avoid any courier fees.  If that is the case we notify the customer immediately upon the flight’s arrival.

Buying a casket online is a great way to save thousands of dollars.  Rest assured at Lowest Price Caskets we work tirelessly to provide the quickest shipping, the lowest costs and the best customer service in the industry.  Check out our many testimonials attesting to our high quality caskets and service.