What Type Of Casket Should I Buy?

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19 Aug What Type Of Casket Should I Buy?

When it comes to the type of casket to purchase, you usually have a few options. Most caskets are either wood, wood veneer or metal. So this begs the question: which one is right for me?

What Is Your Preference?

To be honest, this often just comes down to preference. Metal caskets have a distinct appearance over wood caskets and vice versa. Metal caskets are sometimes tinted in different hues of color, but tend to maintain that solid, single-color appearance. Wood caskets have more texture and can be stained in a number of different colors. If you, or the person for whom the casket is purchased, likes the look of wood grain, then oak, poplar, walnut, etc. is probably the way to go.

Are All Caskets The Same Quality?

When casket quality and sturdiness is a concern, it’s important to note that not all are created equal. Wood veneer and solid wood are not the same. Solid wood means that the casket is made entirely of the advertised wood type. Veneer is a thin, overlay of wood on top of another material. It has the appearance of wood, but not the overall sturdiness. All of the caskets sold at Lowest Price Caskets are solid wood and sold for less than a standard veneer casket. If you are interested in a metal casket, you have 18 or 20 gauge to choose from.  18 gauge is slightly thicker than 20 gauge.

Handles & Bars

All caskets come with handles (bar that runs along the length of both sides of the casket) for the pallbearers to hold onto. Most of the time, these are made of metal or wood, connected to the casket via metal latches. Wood caskets usually have matching wooden handles (same wood type and stain). Oftentimes the metal caskets employ the same concept, with a few exceptions where the handles are lighter or darker than the casket. This can give the casket handles a more stunning appearance when contrasted against a light/dark background.

Handle latches are metal and usually have a chrome/brushed appearance to them. They can be silver, gold, nickel, bronze or another variation of metal.

In the end, all of these options come down to preference. It can be your preference, or that of a loved one who has passed away. All Lowest Price Caskets are high-quality and aesthetically pleasing. Please feel free to browse our inventory or call us if you have any questions.